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Food certification

The naturality of our product is not declared by DRUNK TURTLE but by the certifying BODIES. Ours is a product that does not need any vitrification thanks to the purity of the materials used.


One of the peculiarities of Cocciopesto DT is its porosity, which guarantees controlled micro-oxygenation. In this way, a product that is not oxidized but evolved into new and genuine flavours is obtained, respecting the organoleptic nature of the grape.

Organoleptic influence

Cocciopesto DT is an “inert” wine material, or rather, it does not release smells or tastes to the liquid but it allows the right micro-oxygenation, which is essential for aging. Today’s producers are increasingly looking for the naturalness of the product and favor agronomic practices dictated by organic or biodynamic regulations. Opus amphorae for wine perfectly embraces this philosophy.

Ovoid shape

The ovoid shape of the tank of the amphorae for wine is connected to tradition but it has been revisited with a view to professional use. The internal inverted ovoid shape is in fact ideal for the winemaking because it favours the condensation of fermentation gases. Furthermore, it facilitates the creation of a convective motion that helps the must to move naturally while keeping the fine lees in suspension.

Structure without reinforcement

Thanks to the careful work of our engineers, we were able to produce tanks, even with a very high capacity, without the need for internal metal cages. This avoids the formation of electrostatic charges, which are harmful for the correct aging of the wine. As they do not contain metal armour that could deform with sudden changes in temperature, the Drunk Turtle wine amphorae can also be kept outdoors.

Thermal inertia

The walls of the wine amphorae are thick enough to ensure that, as the external temperature changes, the internal one does not undergo sudden transformations. In this way, it is obtained a more natural management of the product temperature. Moreover, the number of forced cooling interventions is also significantly reduced and this means obtaining substantial energy savings, safeguarding consumption and the environment.

Customizable amphorae for wine

Every customer is important to us. This is why we want to make our product unique for each of you, customizing each wine amphora in colours, accessories and sizes. In addition, we can apply the company logo on the vessel. For customization, we apply modern or ancient siloxane paints, in order to maintain the natural oxygenation capacity of the amphora for wine.


For external customization we can use a wide range of Pantone colours. Furthermore, we can apply corporate and heraldic logos thanks to the expert hand of specialized artists.


  • Aisi 316 stainless steel manhole cover Ø 500 Mm (Opus 3.5), Ø 600 (Opus 10, 25) And Ø 700 (Opus 15, 20)
  • Stainless steel door with wine taster and total drain valve
  • Adjustable stainless-steel feet
  • Partial Drain Valve (Opus 10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Glass/Plastic Small/Big Filler
  • Thermometer
  • Exhaust Air Wine
  • Taster
  • Food grade epoxy paint
  • Customizable external painting
  • Probe holder
  • Cooling Plate 600 – 800 – 1200 mm

Energy saving

Our wine amphorae, kept in a closed and non-air-conditioned environment, can save hundreds of kW of electricity every year. This is possible thanks to the thickness and high-quality of the wall of the amphora which naturally regulates the internal temperature, allowing optimal management of the process and saving significant money.


Our wine amphorae are made with a material composed entirely of natural and/or recycled raw materials. Cocciopesto DT also does not require the cooking of the material but only a natural drying in the air, through secret times. Moreover, the amphorae in Cocciopesto DT are totally ecological products at every stage of the realization.

Carbon Footprint

Drunk Turtle amphorae are the most environmentally sustainable wine vessels in the world. All materials used in the composition, with the exception of cement, are waste materials. Then, the amphorae are dried in the air instead of being cooked, so their Carbon Footprint is extremely low and it is due solely to the transport of raw materials and shipments of the final product.


Our wine amphorae are delivered covered by a 2-year guarantee, which includes both ordinary and extraordinary interventions. We also always ensure our presence and availability, in order to give each customer additional security and support. The warranty becomes invalid if the amphora is not handled and washed according to the established protocols.

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Eco-sustainable, innovative, handmade

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Each customer is unique to us. That’s why you can customize your amphora in colours and accessories, also by applying the company logo or emblem.

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