"Oxygen makes wine."

– Louis Pasteur
Oxygen is essential in the maturation and refinement process of wine. Micro-oxygenation is a technique through which a certain amount of oxygen is released into the wine. It can be made artificially, through special tools, or naturally.
The cocciopesto is able to ensure a slow and continuous administration of oxygen. The speed of the intake thus always remains lower than its consumption. The cocciopesto is not an invasive material and therefore the product is able to fully develop its characteristics during the winemaking and refinement process. Therefore, thanks to its porosity, the cocciopesto allows a natural micro-oxygenation through the slow release of oxygen.
Oxygen has a clear influence on many aspects of the winemaking process and on everything that defines a wine. If the dose of oxygen administered is correct, it is able to have beneficial effects and improve the final product. The right degree of oxidation can in fact help stabilize the colour, favor the evolution of the aroma and soften the tannic astringency. In addition, it avoids the formation of hints of reduction.

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Eco-sustainable, innovative, handmade

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Each customer is unique to us. That’s why you can customize your amphora in colours and accessories, also by applying the company logo or emblem.

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