Hand-crafted oenological amphora in cocciopesto, suitable both for the fermentation and refinement of wine, and for the refinement of beer and distillates.

Capacity 15.10 hectoliters also available in concrete.

Our amphorae have a series of standard accessories such as: adjustable steel feet, upper manhole cover, front door, partial and total drain valves and wine taster. To these are added the extra accessories from which you can choose according to your needs.

The cocciopesto is a very ancient material, invented by the Phoenicians, perfected by the Romans which has always been used to waterproof the cisterns used to contain wine.


Weight kg 1700
Manhole cover mm 700
Height 247 cm
Diameter 143 cm
Wall thickness cm 7
Capacity 15.10 hectoliters
Standard color
You can find all the information necessary for washing and maintaining our amphorae in our washing protocol, which will be delivered to you at the time of purchase.

Accessories included


Personalize your amphora

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

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