"If a third part of pesto brick is added to the arena, river or sea, and passed through a sieve, it will become lime of better success and strength."

– VITRUVIUS – De Architectura
In his work De Architectura, the famous Roman architect Vitruvius (1st century BC) describes the cocciopesto as a combination of terracotta shards, stones, sands and marble powders held together with hydraulic lime. Inspired by this, we have brought to light the cocciopesto, perfecting the original recipe with a very specific purpose: to use this ancient material in order to make amphorae for wine.

Since 2014, a new idea of ​​amphora for wine

In 2014 we started the production of cocciopesto wine vessels, a unique product of its kind in the world.
Today we produce hundreds of wine amphorae in different sizes, from 500 litres to 25 hectolitres.

Why Drunk Turtle

The company name has a triple meaning.
The protagonist, the turtle, is slow, as the process of refining and aging of the wine. Her carapace is hard, resistant and solid, like the cocciopesto. And our turtle is drunk, because it contains the wine!

This explains the origin of our name.
The ovoid shape has a very specific purpose. It confers strength and mechanical resistance such that the amphorae for wine do not need any metal armour. Furthermore, the ovoid shape has the advantage of triggering natural convective motions, a positive phenomenon that favours the extraction process.

Why the cocciopesto

We chose this material because it responds to current research trends: on the one hand, the naturalness and sustainability, on the other hand, the rediscovery of tradition, trends that are both emerging in the food & beverage sector. The cocciopesto in fact allows the oxygenation of the wine and complies with the requirements of suitability for contact with food required by law, without the use of food resins.

A new cocciopesto for wine vessels

Cocciopesto DT is a new material, obtained from waste materials recovered from other processes (for example, the marble dust resulting from cuts on the slabs). Characterized by a high thermal inertia and excellent permeability, Cocciopesto DT is perfect for all stages, from vinification to aging.
The production process for making the amphorae does not require any cooking in the oven, but only a slow drying in the air.
We can define the Drunk Turtle amphorae in Cocciopesto DT the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Eco-sustainable, innovative, handmade

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Each customer is unique to us. That’s why you can customize your amphora in colours and accessories, also by applying the company logo or emblem.

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