What is Cocciopesto DT?

Cocciopesto DT is a material deriving from the raw mixture of stone fragments, crushed earthenware, sand, all in various grain sizes, and cementitious binder. The resulting compound is very compact and waterproof.

Why choose Cocciopesto DT amphorae?

Because it is the most eco-sustainable wine container in the world. All the materials used in the composition, except the cement, are recycled elements. We use marble dust (a waste material from marble cutting), crumbled terracotta in different sizes (material recovered from broken or malformed terracotta artefacts), river gravel and sand.
Because it offers the best organoleptic profile from the first year of use among all inert materials.
Because, thanks to the material and thickness of the walls, it gives the possibility of inserting all the necessary accessories on the amphora, from the door to the adjustable steel feet.

What is the difference between Cocciopesto DT and terracotta?

They are two radically different materials in composition despite both being inert. The main difference between the two materials concerns the processing method. Once removed from the mould, the Cocciopesto DT is naturally air-dried, while the terracotta is fired in very high-temperature ovens.

What is the difference between Cocciopesto DT and cement?

Although they are two materials with similar characteristics for what they are able to convey to wine, they are different in composition. Additionally, cement has a significantly higher level of metal release and it has not the food certification, thus requiring internal vitrification for all containers made of this material.

What does food certification mean?

It is a certificate issued by authorized international bodies which attests the use of the material for containing food liquids. Food certification allows Cocciopesto DT amphorae to contain wine without the need for internal vitrification.

Are the amphorae of Cocciopesto DT more suitable for white or red wines?

The amphorae of Cocciopesto DT are suitable for both white and red wines, what will change the result will be the oenological path that has been decided to follow.

Are amphorae suitable only for long macerations?

The amphorae of Cocciopesto DT are suitable for many uses: from short macerations to long refinements and their partial and/or total discharges facilitate any process. However, the choice of the route should be made based on the grape and its characteristics, but also on the result that the producer wants to achieve. This does not mean that some vines in particular have a better result with aging in amphora for particular characteristics, like Syrah.
We like long macerations especially for white grape varieties and refinement on red berried ones.

Can they be used with other alcohol?

Yes, the amphorae in Cocciopesto DT are also suitable for other types of alcohol besides wine, we have customers in the world of cider, beer and spirits.

How much does the material perceive on the final product?

The material is well perceptible on the product especially in the first years of the amphora and accentuates its mineral scent.

How much does an amphora of Cocciopesto DT cost?

The cost of Cocciopesto DT amphorae depends on many aspects, like its capacity, choice of accessories, customization and transport.

How long does it take to get an amphora?

From when it is produced, an amphora needs 60 days of maturation to be ready.

Can the amphorae be rented?

Yes, it is possible to rent our amphorae through a leasing company.

What does the guarantee include?

The warranty is 2 years * and includes both ordinary and extraordinary interventions. We try to be always present even simply to give advice on the use and exchange of experiences. * The warranty becomes invalid if the amphora is not handled and washed according to the established protocols.

Customizable amphorae in cocciopesto

Each customer is unique to us. That’s why you can customize your amphora in colours and accessories, also by applying the company logo or emblem.

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