Company - DrunkTurtle
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Our containers are made with handicraft techniques using selected raw materials. A patient work of finishing made entirely by hand, the fruit of a craftsmanship, makes every amphora a single piece. In the field of this type of articles the concept of artisan workmanship, and executions manuals, is rare. Our work has wanted to adapt to changes by acquiring new tools and finding a point of strength in the quality and refinement, for a product that must be intended for professional use.

These are amphorae for wine produced in two versions, in the traditional concrete and in the DT cocciopesto mixture, in capacities of 3.5, 10, 18 and 27 hectoliters. They are made in a cast without structural metal reinforcement.

The cocciopesto DT container has an external finish with a characteristic gray-pink color, the result of a combination of crushed terracotta in the mixture, and a more irregular surface grain. The concrete vase has a more homogeneous finish and the external surface can be customized and decorated with various techniques. At the customer’s request our design team is available to evaluate, entity and customization modes of the amphorae, up to the possibility of creating “tailor-made” products in the dimensions and shapes that will be subjected to the scrutiny of technical feasibility.